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There are multiple common issues that all the landlords face from their tenants. There are some decent and punctual tenants, while some of them give you a terrible experience.

Few of the most irritating issues you faced being a landlord are:

  • Tenants are failing to pay rent on time.
  • Consistent delays and excuses.
  • Offensive attitude towards you.
  • Damaging your property and not accepting it.
  • Tenants are having paying guests without your permission.
  • They are not following city laws and regulations.
  • They were previously involved in criminal activities.

To avoid such actions, what can you do?

  • Make a proper screening test for tenants

You can create your screening tests like a questionnaire or interview, or you can hire a service that can do all this hassle for you.

  • Ask as many questions as you want

You have the right to know everything about your tenants. So don’t hesitate while questioning.

  • Look for their tenancy history

You can call their previous landlords to know more about their behavior.

  • Investigate to be sure

You can conduct a little investigation about the background check with reference follow-up.

  • State the rules and regulations thoroughly

Give them the written rules and regulations list and make them read in front of you.

  • Check for the criminal record

You can seek city police help. Give them the tenant’s identity to gain information about criminal records.

  • Get a written agreement

Make an agreement and get it signed by them, which mentions the number of tenants allowed.

If you need professional help or don’t want to indulge in this procedure, then contact rental property services to get the work done in a professional way, Astoria Charm offers honest and reliable services in this domain.